OUTPLAYED Extra Place Catcher explained 

The video above explains all the written material below. We display a visual of the following. 


  • How to find the best value OUTPLAYED Extra Place Catcher bets 
  • How to understand the place markets 
  • How to store selections in the Extra Place Catcher 
  • How to profit well using the Extra Place Catcher 
  • Using the Extra Place Catcher filters 
  • Place terms inside the Extra Place Catcher 
  • Checking the odds displayed in Extra Place Catcher are correct 
  • Other tips when laying bets provided by the Extra Place Catcher 

Introduction to the The Extra Place Catcher from OUTPLAYED  

The Extra Place Catcher available from OUTPLAYED is a must-have piece of kit, if you are looking to maximise your profits from each way matched betting strategies.  

The Extra Place Catcher is an advanced tool that helps Extra Place Catcher members maximise profits from horse racing extra place offers. The OUTPLAYED Extra Place Catcher helps Extra Place Catcher users quickly find low cost matches for extra place each way bets. Not only that, the Extra Place Catcher also calculates the stakes required for each stage of the backing and laying process. The software on the Extra Place Catcher also provides one-click functionality, allowing the user to be directed straight into their betslips or betting exchanges! There are many different sports you can apply each way extra places offer to. However, the most common sport is horse racing. Other sports extra place macthed betting exists in are discussed in this article

OUTPLAYED Extra Place Catcher – when to use?  

The perfect time to use the OUTPLAYED Extra Place Catcher would be in situations where a bookmaker offers an extra place in comparison to what the exchange is offering in a horse race. In the case featured in our YouTube video above, would be where a bookmaker would normally pay out on 4 places – whereas the extra place races they would pay out on 5.   

The Extra Place Catcher can take advantage of this because the exchange will not change its own place terms to match a bookmakers and the place market on the exchange will still be related to first and fourth positions the horses finish in the race. This means if our Extra Place Catcher horse selection finishes in the extra place position, being the fifth position, we win both our place back bet and our place lay bet – which has the potential to produce nice profits.   

Similar profits can be made on a football 2up bet, if you like the bet365 2up payout offer check out our video here for the best 2up strategy. There are many ways you can profit from each way extra place matched betting. Either by using the Extra Place Catcher, the OUTPLAYED each way catcher, and many more. There is also the potential to use the Extra Place Catcher for arbitrage on this same method. Please check our YouTube channel for future video relating to this.  

Sharbing extra place offers – using betting shops for extra places 

If you’re ever out and about, be mindful that you can use matched betting extra place offers in betting shops. Paddy power have a wealth of these, and they offer best odds guranteed too! This article discusses best odds guranteed BOG in betting shops

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OUTPLAYED Extra Place Catcher explained 

  The video above explains all the written material below. We display a visual of the following.    Introduction to the The Extra Place Catcher […]


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