Multi accounting matched betting hacks Part 1 

Bank Accounts for multi accounting 

Please note all the information provided in this page is information supplied by matched bettors who have experienced these activities. 

This page nor this website are legal advisors, or encourage any activities described below. 


Now, this report is based on true facts that have been reported to us either on social media or personally. 

When multi accounting matched betting accounts you will need to gain the consent of the person who owns the betting accounts. We do not condone illegal activity, and this would certainly fall into that category. 

When matched betting using multi accounts, bookmakers have made it extremely difficult for multi accounting to be abused. 

Years ago, this could be done on a large scale, usually by multi accounting matched betting accounts using ewallets such as Neteller, Skrill, or of course PayPal. 

Professional multi accounters have reported to us in the past that they have always opted to use Neteller or Skrill, rather than Paypal. 


The sole reason was … how many people know or already have access to a Skrill or neteller account, versus the huge number of people who already have access to Paypal account.

But why is this relevant? 

When rolling over matched betting multi accounting offers and bets you may sometimes find yourself in the position when everything wins! 

See my video of “everything winning” here. 

When this happens, it can be very disheartening, because if you have a lower bankroll, this can halt your profiting, as a lot of the funds could end up in say your Bet 365 account, for example. 

Especially if you have had several football 2up offer bets win plus a few free bets win at 7-1 odds or more. 

It has been reported to us many times, where multi accounting people have had over £5k in their multi accounting matched betting accounts. 

Why does this cause a problem? 

Well, because the money gets withdrawn into the persons account for whom you are multi accounting matched betting for. This is where trust is of utmost importance. 

The reason the professional match bettor mutli accounter would opt for the Neteller or Skrill is that the person who owns the account would less likely receive an alert that £5k has arrived in their account, unlike they would if attached to their PayPal account. Because everyone sues PayPal so often, they know how PayPal works and could easily access the funds after an alert.

Matched betting offers with PayPal are very uncommon now. 

Around year 2015/2016 bookmakers made a huge purge on deterring matched betting multi accounting. 

To do this, they stopped most sign up offers and reload offers that are involved when depositing by ewallets and demanded deposit only be done via bank card. 

Multi accounting bank card only 

The reason they did this, is they knew it could cull the abuse of matched betting multi accounting, explained above. 

Multi accounters have since reported it is far harder for them to match bet using multi accounts since this has happened. Sure, it can still be done, and still happens on mass scale; but the abuse has been reduced a lot compared to what it could have been.

Matched betting multi accounting risks 

So, let’s say you’ve had a withdrawal to your friends bank account for whom you are betting his accounts with. Let’s name him Fred. 


Fred receives an alert from his Barclays mobile app that he has received a £5k deposit from BET365. 

Now, because Fred is the legal owner of the Bet365 account, Fred can of course withdraw these funds and there is nothing you could do about it. We’ll explain some legalities below, though, after this section. 

So, Fred decides he doesn’t like you much and then withdraws your £5k. This causes friction [to say the least] between you and Fred. See my bookmarked time video here about an associate who nearly had £4k stolen. 

How to prevent this when multi accounting. 


There is an answer 

First, of course, it is vital to have mutual trust when multi accounting in matched betting. BUT people get desperate when they have exhausted all their friends, relatives, workmates. Some people do not know when to stop ad take risks.

Precautions when multi accounting betting accounts 

Firstly, please note this information is based on the understanding you have full permission form the person who owns these accounts. We have another tip, below, about documenting proof when MULTI accounting matched betting accounts. 

Taking control of the bank account multi accounting 

Now, remember earlier, when we mentioned the reports about PayPal being an unliked option by the professional multi accounters. They preferred the neteller accounts because the owners did not have access. 

This can be done with a bank account. It is done by changing the access controls used within the bank account. 

The main hurdle with this is performing the switch over from the owner, if that is necessary. 

Multi accounters usually request that the person who they are mutli accounting for opens a new bank account. They usually say its best to open a new bank account for multi accounting, so that “it avoids confusion” Which is partially true. 

The main objective of this when multi accounting bank accounts for matched betting 

The main idea is so the person cannot abuse YOU and steal YOUR money, like Fred did, ion the analogy above. There are ways you could take Fred to court, but it is understood this would have to be in a common court, explained below.

Gaining control of the account 

You will need to access online banking and change the phone number 

This will usually be the number you are using for the betting accounts, to multi account with, so should not be a problem, we have heard. 

The main problem is banks use good precautions to avoid fraud and sometimes they may even contact the bank account owner, although this is rare. More commonly they will send an OTP code. They will send this to the old and new number. 

So, if you’re doing this, it is best to do it when you are physically next to the account owner, or at least on the phone to the; as these codes expire quickly. They are similar to 2 step verifications. In terms of sending codes and expiry times. 

You would repeat this process for the email, phone number, etc. This should ensure the bank account owner never knows you have had that £5k withdrawal go into your bank, like Fred did. 

All Fred will know is that he’ll be getting free money from you with no risk. 

You will then be ensured Fred can’t rip you off. Ultimately, you are protecting yourself here. 

What if Fred still ripped me off when multi accounting 

Multi accounters who do match betting multi accounting regular usually like to accumulate documented proof, just in case Fred does what we mentioned.

Multi accounting proof 

This can be things like 

Some people even ask Fred to draft a “contract”. Although this can seem to put people off, you could mention it’s done for their benefit, not yours. 

After all, what the people you multi account for fail to realise is: it is your money at risk. You re the one that is exposed to danger not them. Of course, if a multi accounter was a fraud they could abuse the persons bank, but that would be categorically illegal and you’d be arrested in no time, but the account holders still fear this, which is silly really, but just their preference. 

Other multi accounting precautionary things like: 

Recording written conversations on WhatsApp, etc. Emails. You could email as form of proof. But it would still need to be taken to court and no one needs the hassle of that, or losing a friend or associate, just because temptation was provided to them. 

We hope this article has helped and they’ll be more this week. In part 2 this week.

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