Can you have multiple betting accounts – how to find people 

Of course, read on if this interests you. We’ll dive into the ethics and legalities too. 

Finding people for matched betting multiple accounts 

Once a matched bettor has used their own accounts to profit from nicely, it is a natural reaction and progression to want to spread the word and tell others … 

Why would anyone else want to turn down free money, after all! 

The above explanations sound really simple, right? They should be in theory, but in practice this is a whole different ball game as many matched bettors are probably more than well aware by now! 

If you’re reading this, you’re more than likely already at this stage. 

How to find people for multi accounting 

The idea of continuing to enjoy matched betting profit by multi accounting, using someone else’s account for matched betting is a very appealing thought. This idea used to be a lot easier years ago, but around 2015 the bookies made a great effort to insist they all start attaching sign up offers for multi accounting and reload offers for betting accounts that are made by debit card only. 

Years ago, as advised in this video bookmakers would allow depositing methods such as Skrill, neteller and PayPal on most sign up offers and reloads. But as explained in this article here, this was abused by people multi accounting and gnoming matched betting offers. 

Is multi accounting illegal ? 

This is a reporting channel [PipBets YouTube] and website, but we can report – as far as we know there has not been one single conviction in a UK court for matched betting multiple accounts , or even arbitrage multi accounts , in fact any form of multi accounts , as far as we know. 

Can you have multiple betting accounts with ewallets 

This is why using ewallets for matched betting multiple accounts seems to have become a thing of the past. Bookies insisting on debit card deposits has slowed multi accounts rise in matched betting multi accounting and gnoming. 

How to multi account matched betting with debit card 

The reason the bookies have slowed down the abuse is it is often hard to find new people who are willing to trust you with their online banking log ins. 

They fear you may abuse their bank accounts more than they want the chance to profit form free money the multi accounting betting accounts provides them.

Finding people to multi account with 

From the hundreds of reports, we have received, read, engaged in, seen on social media and so on, most people are willing to let them use their bank accounts for multi accounting matched betting … until you mention the words debit card, and even worse, operating their bank accounts for them! 

At a guess, over 50% will reject your offer. 

But that doesn’t mean it’s all over. 

How to find new people for matched betting 

The usual process runs as follows, in order of preference: 

Matched Bettor starts on own accounts 

Matched bettor then asks nuclear family at home to open accounts for multi accounting 

Matched bettor then asks friends to open accounts for multi accounting 

The matched bettor above starts to enjoy lucrative profits, most often in excess of way over £1000 per month. As their bankroll grows [the money available to multi account with], they often start looking for extra people to get involved with multi accounts for betting. 

When the matched bettor multi accounting runs out of people with accounts, or starts to, they will then be used to this free and easy money. Some even leave their full-time jobs, as they have found the profits so easy and enjoyable. 

It has been reported a matched bettor multi accounter running around 5 full sets of accounts can easily earn £2,000 ++ every month, usually for 3-5 hours work per day. Considering this fact, it is easy to understand why a multi accounter in matched betting would consider leaving their job.

Multi accounts gubbed in matched betting 

Just like a matched bettors own account – their multiple accounts still also get gubbed after a while. Gubbed is the term used in matched betting for having your betting account restricted. 

Why multi account matched betting becomes addictive 

Imagine you are the guy mentioned above, let’s name him “Fred”. Fred has quit his warehouse job that used to earn him £23,000 per year and has been making double that for 4 hours work per day, when matched betting multiple accounting 5 sets of accounts. But Fred finds himself running dry of accounts, a lot of these accounts have been gubbed.

Finding people to matched bet multiple accounts with 

Fred has already opened accounts for his: 

  • Mum 
  • Dad 
  • Girlfriend[s]/Boyfriend[s] 
  • Best friend 
  • Next door neighbour 
  • His 3 closest work colleagues. 

Fred now finds himself in the situation where: 

He is addicted to multi accounting profits 

He fears he may have to go back to work in the warehouse 

Fred feels he wants to continue with multi accounting in matched betting, but feels he has no one he can trust to multi account with for matched betting or multi account for arbing too. 

Fred then asks his friends if they know anyone. 

His friends say “yes”, they pass the telephone number of their friends. 

Fred then [nervously] phones the person he wishes to start multi accounting matched betting for. 

He is nervous, not because he is a jerk, but because he fears they will say know…. 

Ring, ring .. 

Hey mate I’m Fred, Dave’s mate, I hear you’re interested in opening some betting accounts and making some easy cash! All goes well … until Fred mentions bank accounts for multi accounting matched betting. 

This instantly puts them off, and Fred has wasted thirty minutes of the best Oscar winning performance efforts of his entire life. 

This is a very common behaviour when trying to find people for matched betting multi accounting. They do not trust people with their bank accounts. Despite it being you, Fred, that will have all your money in their betting accounts and bank account. As mentioned,  in this article , it is your money at risk, not theirs! 

Finding people for multi accounting matched betting 

Some of the reports we have had on social media, matched betting multiple accounts reddit, how to make a fake betting account [which is illegal], gnoming betting reddit , and can you have multiple betting accounts are as follow below: 

Here’s the typical food chain when it comes to order of preference. You will notice as you continue matched betting doing multi accounting that it becomes harder and riskier. The reason this becomes harder is the people are more of an unknown quantity and they are hard to keep tabs on. 

  • Friends of friends 
  • New ‘lovers’ 
  • Friends of workmates 
  • Bosses [cringe] 
  • Outer circle of family [seek] 
  • Friends of friends of friends 
  • Offer friends a referral scheme 
  • Advertise for people [yes, people have done this!] 

As you can see, the further out you go, the riskier it becomes. It becomes riskier because the less you see these people, the higher the chance they can go ‘missing’, and worst case, empty their bank account that is full of multi accounting profits, which is your money.

Offer friends a referral scheme for multi accounting matched betting 

We have had reports and seen on matched betting multiple accounts reddit that some people may offer their friends £100 for finding someone new, who of course, ends up letting them use their bank account for multi accounting. 

New ‘lovers’ for multi accounts in betting 

If you’re a Casanova, or good with the ladies … some people use their prowess and special skills to ‘attract’ [for want of a better word] new people for multi accounts to bet with. Even well-known highly successful bettors, such as Darran Keefe have publicly confessed to this. Darran is a highly respected greyhound expert who has been very successful and profitable by the way, and a funny guy to listen to.

Why work mates are safer bet for multi account match betting 

From our numerous reports form the likes of gnoming betting reddit , matched betting multiple accounts reddit and other social media, it seemed work mates are the safest bet for want of a better terminology. 

Why work colleagues for multi accounting are easier 

When matched betting using multi accounts you will want to have as much contact with the person for whom you are multi accounting for/. After all, if you ever have a question, need ID documents, have a huge withdrawal, you will want to be able to contact these dudes. 

Let’s face it, and don’t tell the Mrs [or Husband] … you probably spend more hours a week with your work colleagues than anyone else in your life. Which would appear to make them a safest option for bank accounts and multi accounting. This is on the understanding you don’t have a temporary job, such as an agency job, where your employer can terminate your contract at a moments notice. 

Finding new betting accounts for multiple accounting 

We hope this has given you enough food for thought in this blurred murky world of multi accounting betting accounts. 

We will be publishing part 3 later this week, giving special tips. 

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If you can’t get any other people to multi account matched betting with 

You could consider: 



SHARBING – matched betting in betting shops 

Minimum Bet guarantee arbing 

Until the next post, be lucky! 

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