Oddsmonkey 2023 review – Is it worth paying for a Matched betting service?  

Oddsmonkey premium
This wasn’t really much of a question years ago. Unless you were some kind of matched betting expert then you didn’t have much option, as the resources found online were few and far between.

Today’s matched betting free world supplies a lot of free matched betting services information. Having said that, they are lacking a few vital things that oddsmonkey matched betting will bring, which we will detail below  

Matched bettors are usually smart guys. Many new matched betting players will know It’s all about keeping qualifying losses to a minimum and maximizing matched betting free bets profits. The newer breed of matched bettor typically knows nowadays they can find many free matched betting services and software online.  

So is why is Oddsmonkey worth the investment?  

 It’s a question I get asked a lot potential oddsmonkey matched betting users will ask. Why should I pay when I can get matched betting free software elsewhere only. This is why we have written this short review to share our honest, straightforward thoughts on the matter. As you know, Pipbets calculators and BestBooky.com is completely free to use, so I we think we’re in a  perfect place to give an honest and unbiased oddsmonkey 2023 review.  

What is OddsMonkey matched betting service?  

OddsMonkey is a subscription based matched betting service that teaches its users how to profit from bookmaker offers, using oddsmonkey matched betting techniques. Oddsmonkey matched betting also teaches oddsmonkey casino and bingo offers.  

When OddsMonkey matched betting launched around ten years ago, they were mainly just an odds matcher providing a matched betting service. They were very similar to the well-known, and also free, Oddschecker. The oddsmonkey matched betting software enabled users to compare comparable matched betting odds displaying matched betting offers to take advantage of.  

For transparency you may wish to check our Profit Accumulator review after reading this page. Is Oddsmonkey better than Profit accumulator is a question that arises many times in the matched betting community. We’ll let you decide, by watching this helpful video about Profit accumulator too. 

We recommend comparing before buying, but urge you to read this article before viewing the alternatives around. We at PipBets value the choice for our readers and always like to provide objective, trustworthy information, including free services mentioned earlier, such as OddsChecker. 

Oddsmonkey matched betting free – now a new service  

Fast forward to around six years ago, OddsMonkey made the decision to offer a complete matched betting package and launched a brand oddsmonkey matched betting service complete with the super fast oddsmonkey oddsmatching software to help find you matched betting lays.  

OddsMonkey have evolved a lot since back in the day when they were not much more than the free oddschecker site mentioned earlier. The oddsmonkey matched betting team now consist of many  developers and experienced matched bettors who are professionally dedicated to helping their users earn a sustainable monthly income from matched betting. We will describe where these matched betting profits come from below.   

OddsMonkey matched betting 2023 – the new breed  

Should I join oddsmonkey premium matched betting service?  

The answer to this commonly asked question will come down to personal preference. It will also depend on whether you prefer oddsmonkey to other matched betting services 2023, including the free matched betting software.  

If you’re new to matched betting, our advice would be take out a free trial with oddsmonkey and see how you get on.  

You could also trial other matched betting software products and compare. After all, the Oddsmonkey free trail is a free no obligation trial.   

In contrast, if you’re a seasoned matched bettor and are looking for ways to increase your profitability, you should definitely sign up to OddsMonkey premium matched  betting software. One of the main reasons for this is because you can enjoy 0% commissions form your betting exchange and this, in most cases, will pay for itself many times over. So, it’s a no-brainer, without any BS sales advice too! You can read here how easy it is to get 0% commission from Smarkets, which comes free with the Oddsmonkey premium matched betting offer  

Why join oddsmonkey premium in 2023?  

 There are many ways of boosting your matched betting profits beyond the welcome and reload offers, such as each way arbing and accumulator offers. Their range of tools simplify each process and I’ll introduce you to them all shortly.  


Oddsmonkey premium matched betting is more than a betting system that works. It is mathematically proven to win. The only chance of losing money is trough human error, such as   making mistakes. There are so many threads of comments such as: “is matched betting a scam”, because people simply find it too hard to believe that matched betting free money is a scammy thing.   

What does  OddsMonkey cost?  

 If you decide to sign up for the oddsmonkey premium membership, it will cost you £19.99 per month. Odds monkey premium also provide an option to sign up for a full year for just £180.00. We recommend readers checking the website direct, as these prices are likely to change at a later date. When paying a year up-front you’ll save yourself three months free, which equates to your average monthly cost down to a lower amount of£15.00. Don’t forget, this is an all-in package, so there is no need to fork-out any more money after!  

Another thing to bear in mind is the amount of money oddsmonkey premium will save you in betting exchange commission. If you are a regular matched betting multi accounting player or a matched betting expert then you will no doubt be paying lots of commission.   

OddsMonkey premium matched betting offer a price for life guarantee  

OddsMonkey premium have many longer-term customers paying just £5.00 per month; although this was customers who have been subscribed since prior to 2014, when [like we mentioned] the service was not much more than oddschecker.com. However, for those oddsmonkey members, that was the monthly rate when they signed up for the original premium oddsmatcher service. When OddsMonkey relaunched the site around five years ago as a complete matched betting package, their prices were frozen. This is the way oddsmonkey premium like to thank their loyal customers.  

OddsMonkey premium price   

This means if you join OddsMonkey premium at the set £19.99 per month and they increase it at some point in the future, you’ll continue to pay £19.99 per month for the lifetime of your OddsMonkey premium account.  

Matched betting free – how is OddsMonkey premium superior?  

OddsMonkey premium Oddsmatcher .Their oddsmatcher is one of  the best around and compares the odds from almost 100 bookmakers, at the time of writing this matched betting free article.  

 The OddsMonkey premium Oddsmatcher   

A lot of new OddsMonkey premium members, or those new to matched betting 2023, find the oddsmonkey oddsmatcher. This OddsMonkey premium oddsmatcher can act as a learning tool for matched betting 2023 new techniques.  

We recommend thinking outside of the box when matched betting 2023 and onwards and look out not to always take take the best odds option every time. Using the OddsMonkey premium oddsmatcher always encourages (and teaches us) us, to take the best value, which over time can expose us as matched bettors to the bookmakers who are always looking out for these signs.  

The result of this could end up in our accounts being restricted, otherwise known as gubbed matched betting accounts. Gubbed is not a liked word in the OddsMonkey premium matched betting community. We’ll explain more about gubbed later in this OddsMonkey premium 2023 review.  

The OddsMonkey premium Each way Matcher  

The OddsMonkey premium Each way Matcher is where your membership will start to pay for itself. We mentioned earlier the 0% commission pays for itself, well, there is more good news to come about OddsMonkey premium. This oddsmonkey each way matcher tool alone is easily worth the OddsMonkey premium £19.99 monthly subscription fee you would pay. Which, of course, is where OddsMonkey premium towers over the appeal of free matched betting services 2023.  

Each way arbitrage betting, using tools such as the oddsmonkey each way calculator is the process of backing a horse each way and then laying the individual win and place parts, to make a guaranteed profit regardless of the outcome. Our Pipbets YouTube channel made a series of these, in an advanced form, you can find our playlist here.  

The Eachway Matcher scans the all the  Each way arbitrage betting markets within split seconds and identifies the races and horses that represent a profitable opportunity. Like we said earlier, it is not totally vital to subscribe to OddsMonkey premium, when there are free matched betting software websites out there, but the trouble is these free sites usually contains under 10% of what you can find on the OddsMonkey premium platform, which is bundled-up into one convenient little place.  

OddsMonkey premium Each way Matcher tool  

There is an option on the right-hand side of the OddsMonkey premium tool to open an Each way Matcher calculator. The  Each way Matcher calculator will automatically calculate Each way Matcher numbers and show you exactly how much you need to lay on both the win and place parts of your each way bet. The Each way Matcher, again, like the OddsMonkey premium 0% commission and the oddsmonkey each way matcher tool. 

Start proving themselves a worthwhile asset. We consider, these alone, to worth in excess of your OddsMonkey premium £19.99 monthly subscription you would be paying. And there’s more to come!  

OddsMonkey premium £19.99 monthly subscription OddsMonkey members say The Each way Matcher has the potential to increase your profits by over £400 per month. Some Odds Monkey premium members have actually reported earning up to £600 extra on top of their normal profits, through each way arbing! It’s definitely something to consider as we can even do it on our gubbed accounts, stake restrictions may apply though. You can also refer to the oddsmonkey premium forum and ask some of the more experienced members about minimum bet guarantee arbing. Bookkaers offering minimum bet guarantee arbing does change form time to time. We wrote an article previously about this minimum bet guarantee arbing in matched betting 2023. 

 We can also use the tool for extra place offers.  

OddsMonkey premium Racing Matcher tool 2023 explained 

 The Racing Matcher provides Horse racing offers are available every single day, making The Racing Matcher another handy little tool to have around.  

The Racing Matcher will list any races that have an available offer. We simply select the race and offer that we’re interested in and the tool will list the runners in order of lowest qualifying loss…  

The OddsMonkey premium Acca Matcher  

The Acca Matcher is another great tool for the more experienced matched bettor. You are probably already aware of this, but a bet layed sequentially means you would do separate lays after each event. For example, a double on Man City at 2pm and Man United at 5pm would be layed twice, but the Man United bet would only be layed in the earlier Man City bet lost and the double bet was still running.  

It covers four different types of accumulator as follows: no lay, lay at the start, lay sequentially, lay sequential (hedging the profit for guaranteed profits). By the way, laying   

With over 20 bookmakers to choose from, The Acca Matcher compares bookmaker and exchange odds, to give us the best value accumulator bets available. It also knows which leagues are permitted for each offer, so it will only show us events from the correct leagues.  

OddsMonkey premium Acca Matcher oddsmatching  tool  

The expected value of each accumulator is displayed and it’s really easy to amend the accumulator by simply swapping selections as you wish.  

OddsMonkey premium do a great job of clearly displaying the expected value (EV), of each accumulator. The OddsMonkey premium user can then easily customise the calculator to their given needs making it very versatile piece of kit to use. This Oddsmonkey Acca Matcher is a great time saver and it’s sure to increase your overall profits, long term.  

Oddsmonkey premium Dutch Searcher tool  

For more information on dutching, please see our Dutching video here.  

If you’re familiar with dutching, you’ll know that it’s a great way of topping up your earnings, especially on any gubbed accounts you may have.  

If you are yet to discover dutching, it’s quite easy to understand, especially if you’re already used to matched betting or arbitrage too. . Dutching is the process of covering all outcomes of an event by backing them at different bookmakers, in order to make a profit. An example of this would be a soccer match tat has only two outcomes, like an FA Cup final bet. This would be where you back Team A at one bookmaker and then back Team B at a different bookmaker.  

The profitably available  depends on the odds available and that’s where the Dutch Search tool comes into it’s own.  

OddsMonkey premium Dutch Searcher tool bookmakers  

The OddsMonkey premium Dutch Searcher tool covers the odds of over 75 bookmakers and displays the results in order of their value in terms of profitability. A rating over 100 is the highest score possible and this means there’s real good profit to be made!  

OddsMonkey Premium Daily Offer Calendar  

Check out the OddsMonkey Premium Daily Offer Calendar here we’re sure you’ll not be disappointed. This OddsMonkey Premium Daily Offer Calendar makes matched betting 2023 very easy!  

Conclusion of OddsMonkey Premium 2023 

OddsMonkey Premium is a top-notch premium service, for the many reasons mentioned above and if you’re serious about reaching your matched betting 2023 profit potential, you’d be a fool to snub checking out the OddsMonkey free trial which enables you to get a feel for the site before committing.  

OddsMonkey Premium 30 day money back guarantee  

There is a 30 day money back guarantee if you’re unhappy with your OddsMonkey Premium 2023 service. So, if you decide it’s not for you, you can cancel your membership at any time within 30 days and receive a full payment refund! 

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