Multi accounting matched betting 

What is multi accounting? 

Put simply, multi accounting simply means opening more than one account per person. … 

Of course, if run by one individual, this is done with the other person’s consent. 

We cannot stress enough, without a person consent, this would be regarded as an illegal activity, which is something will we never encourage or condone. 

Multi accounting bookmaker accounts hazards 

All the information you will find in this menu is based on a bunch of reports we have received, and we are merely reporting on this activity which has become so preveant in matched betting, multi accounting seems to be the only way a bettor can sustain their betting accounts for a long period of time. 

This matched betting multi accounting page will contain posts of reports. 

Multi accounting matched betting used to be a swear word, but due to it being so common now, we feel people must be informed of this practice as well as its dangers and the ethics behind matched betting multi accounting. 

When multi accounting in matched betting it can be very risky. 

This is why we will update this guide daily and feed you all you need to know. 

Have you ever wondered … 

  • What is multi accounting in matched betting 
  • The dangers of matched betting multi accounting 
  • Other risks of multi accounting in matched betting 
  • The history of multi accounting matched betting 

Stay tuned and bookmark this page for more coming tomorrow