Bad Each Way Matched Betting Arbitrage

When it comes to calculating your bad each way bets opportunities, the faster you can be, the better! Hence why we have created this quick reference table, below. Scroll below, when looking for your bad each way arbitrage or bad each way matched betting opportunities. With repetition, you’ll soon know what these are as a second nature. 

 You’ll often hear these bets called each way bad bets, bad each bets, each way bad arbs, arbing bad each ways, the list goes on, they all mean the same! 

Why are they called Bad each bets if they are good 

They are classed as “bad” by the bookies. Bad each way bets is simply each way arbutrage, but the bookies call these bad each way arbing. We should refer to these as good each way bets really! But you WILL GET GUBBED form these eventually, so please tread with caution. We have a remedy to this and it’s called bad each way sharbing. Where we go into the betting shops and place our bad each way arbs in there. But you will also find the shops gubb you if you do it enough. Do not fear,w e have a remedy to that, too, in the bad each way sharbing section at the bottom of this page. 

Learning place odds decimals vital for bad each way profits in shops 

Knowing the decimals place odds for bad each way betting off the ‘top of your head’ will help your bad each way bets sharbing opportunities. In the shop you won’t have a laptop in front of you and thinking fast is key. Sharbing bad each way bets is the way forward in my opinion. Which we’ll speak about further down this page. Check out the Sharbing playlist here. 

Below, you’ll see the win odds in  decimals format. A quarter odds is offered far less frequently than a fifth of thew odds, hence why we’ve emboldened the fifth of the odds. At the bottom of this page we’ll sepcify the race you’ll find a quarter of odds in, with your bad each way betting picks. Finally, for the old timers, the fractions are listed to the right. 

Bad each way bets place odds table 

Win       1/4        1/5        Fractions 

2.0         1.25       1.2         EVS        

2.1         1.27       1.22       11/10 

2.25       1.31       1.25       5/4        

2.38       1.34       1.28       11/8 

2.5         1.38       1.3         6/4 

2.75       1.44       1.35       7/4 

2.88       1.47       1.38       15/8 

3.0         1.5         1.4       2/1 

3.25       1.56       1.45       9/4 

3.5         1.63       1.5         5/2 

3.75       1.69       1.55       11/4 

4            1.75       1.6         3/1 

4.33       1.83       1.67       10/3 

4.5         1.88       1.7         7/2 

5            2            1.8         4/1     

5.5         2.12       1.9         9/2 

6            2.25       2            5/1 

6.5         2.38       2.1         11/2 

7            2.5         2.2         6/1 

7.5         2.63       2.3         13/2 

8            2.75       2.4         7/1 

8.5         2.88       2.5         15/2 

9            3            2.6         8/1 

9.5         3.13       2.7         17/2 

10          3.25       2.8         9/1 

11          3.5         3            10/1       

12          3.75       3.2         11/1 

13          4            3.4         12/1 

14          4.25       3.6         13/1 

15          4.5         3.8         14/1 

16          4.75       4            15/1 

17          5            4.2         16/1 

18          5.25       4.4         17/1       

19          5.5         4.6         18/1 

20          5.75       4.8         19/1 

21          6            5            20/1 

23          6.5         5.4         22/1 

26          7.25       6            25/1 

29          8            6.6         28/1 

31          8.5         7            30/1 

34          9.25       7.6         33/1 

41          11          9            40/1 

51          13.5       11          50/1 

67          17.5       14.2       66/1 

101        26          21          100/1 

151        38.5       31          150/1 

201        51          41          200/1 

Please double check these odds above when placing your own bets. 

Bad Each Way place terms for each way odds 

  • Number of Runners: 
    1 – 4 runners – No Places – Win Only bet 
    5 – 7 runners – 1/4 Odds – 1st & 2nd place only 
    8+ runners – 1/5 odds – 1st, 2nd and 3rd place 
    12 – 15 runners(handicapped races only) – 1/4 odds – 1st, 2nd and 3rd place 
    16+ runners(handicapped races only) – 1/4 odds – 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place 

How to calculate place odds manually for bad each way betting 

You may wish to calculate these odds manually, especially when using bad each way bets in the betting shop. When in the betting shop, you’ll have to think ‘on the fly’, you’ll not want to look a ‘hot bod’, looking at devices for example. So learnign these is a matter of repetition and It’ll soon sink-in. 

Bad bets place odds calculation using fractions 

We;ll show these using a quarter of the odds a place and a fifth of the odds a place. So, let’s take 5 to 1. We pull out the calculator and simply type: 

  • 5 / 4 (quarter of odds) = 1.25 
  • 5 / 5 (fifith of odds) = 2.0 

Granted, this is a very simple example, mainly due to the 5 to 1 odds perfectly suiting the “fifith of the odds”. The odds are 2.0, meaning you would get your stake back. This is why it is widely recommended, within punting, to not back selections of lower than 5 to 1 for fifth of the odds place. However, when doing bad each way bets this is not a concern of ours, which we’ll expalin below. Our objhective with bad each way betting is to simply find arbitrage on the place odds from these bad each way bet selections, shown below and in the video above. 

Bad bets place odds calculation using decimals 

We’ll now perform the same calcuation, as above, on our bad each way betting selection of a 5 to 1 horse. 

  • 6.0 minus 1 = 5 . 5 / 4 (quarter of odds) = 1.25 
  • 6.0 minus 1 = 5. 5 / 5 (fifth of odds) = 2.0 

However, no one in their right mionds is going to do this, this is just a visual representaion for newbies. 

Bad bets place odds calculation using the PipBets table 

“Repetition is the mother of all knowledge”, some philosopher said many years ago, I think? But that dude was spot on. Do these enough and you’ll know them off by heart. Just like anything, unless you are regularly doign them, you may forget. So the last, lazy option, for calcualting bad each way matched betting place terms is to refer to the PipBets bad each way betting place odds table. 

Ways to profit from bad each way betting 

As mentioned int he video above, this can be used in several approaces. I have been a startgegic bttor and arber since before Betfair came in year 2000. My personal opinion [if I could turn back the clock] woudl be a value betting appraoch. But this is easier said than done and takes courage. This video here explains about value betting. 

Bad Each Way bets profits – option 1 

The value approach. I think this produces more profits long term, but the variance will be far greater. You will not be laying the selections, so will cut a load of fuss by not having to lay. You will also onyl require a small fraction of the bankroll needed to do this. A guestimnation would be you’d need 10% of the bankroll needed comapred to if you were fully laying. The negatives are you will have to ride variance, and will nto be able to forecast profits. I have no data to back this up, but I personally beliee this provides more EV for bad each betting, over a long period of time. 

  • Positives = Only a fraction of bankroll needed 
  • Negatives = Variance, not able to forecats/predict profits 

Bad Each Way bets profits – option 2 

Only lay the win part of the bet. This is kind of like a halfway house of laying both the win part of the bet and laying the place part of your bad each way bet too. There will be more variance, of course, compared to laying both parts of the bet. This option can also be a little bit of a head banger. 

You may find that many of these selections are winning, and have regret choosing this option. Whatever you do, think hard before committing to an option for bad each way bets. You do not want to be changing your approach, as the variance for bad each way bets will then become affected. 

  • Positives = Slightly less bankroll needed. More control over outcome 
  • Negatives = Variance, not able to forecats/predict profits. Less profits than option 1. 

Bad Each Way bets profits – option 3 

Lay all parts of the bet. When laying all parts of the bet you are lowering your liability for the bad each way bets, but also lowering your profit potential. This mehtod is probably the most common, with option 4 which is next. 

This method is safer, but the profits are lower. This method is forecastable, unlike the prior two methods. However, the following mehtod 4 is propbably the most forecastable. 

  • Positives = A lot more control over outcome. Able to predict profits, low liability. 
  • Negatives = Less potential profits than previous options. 

Bad Each Way bets profits – option 4 

OverLay the arb on the place and lay win part too. 

This final option is the same as option 3, except this time we are overlaying the arb for the place part of the bet. The take the profit available and hedge the total arb. So, if we had a place arb on a horse of 1.33/1.17, we would overlay, aslo known as ‘hedge’ these profits. Using method 3 we would simply take the profit if the horse actually placed. 

In summary, this is far lower risk than all the options, a bad each way macthed betting player would be able to calculate their bad each way bet arb ad know how much they profited, before the horse eve ran the race. 

In my experience option 3 and 4 are the most popular for bad each way arbitrage bettors and bad each way matched bettors. I am also guilty of using options 3 and 4, as I enjoyed the luxury of knowing what I would profit form option 4, or having less liability in option 3. 

If I could turn back the clock, I’d opt for option 1. But just like high risk casino, option 1 is not going to appeal to all, but I personally like the fact there is probably more EV and it requires far less bankroll and also aggro of laying. 

Bad each way bets non runners – an issue 

The value held wihtin a bad each way arb or bad each way matche dbet is the fact it is an arb of the place odds. The arb creates the +EV. Without this, the bet would have negative value. This would be negative regardless of using all the option above. 

What happens when there is anon runner to my bad each way bet? 

The easiest example of this would be an 8 horse race. The place terms are fifith odds for 3 places. Suddenly, you may find there is a non runner. These non runners can happen just before the race and you will never be safe when playing the 8 runner field, or 5 runers or any other crossover poiunt when it comes to each way odds place terms changing. We have made a table below to refer to. 

Bad each way bet becomes negative EV 

Unfortunately, this is just a bad each way bet occupational hazard. The bad each way arb player will simply have to accept they will lose on these. However, these happen far less frequently. 

Best races for bad each way bets 

Bad each way bets are usually found more so at the crossove rpoints of place terms. Such as the instance described above. Below are a few examples where you can find bad each way betting selections today.. 

  • Big fields with one short favourite, and 7/1 second favourite, for example. 
  • Big field where there are two joint favoruites around 3.25 oods, for example. 
  • Cheltenham festival Supreme novice hurdle has often has these. 

Easy way to find bad each way bets 

As mentioned in this part of the video here. WEhen starting out in bad each way arbitrage, you can simply scroll throught he Btefair win market, and compare to the each way market. If the each way marklet win odds are lower, this can usually [not always] alert you to a bad each way betting selection to dive into. Also bear in mid when you find these you can do multiple selections in same race. 

Gubbed from bad each way bets 

We’re not gonna lie, you will be very disliked by the bookies doing this and get gubbed. A waya round this is to do your bad each way arbs and each way bad bets matche dbetting using the betting shops. Our sharbing playlist tells all about sharbing, but we’ll explain here. 

Sharbing Bad Each Way bets – shop arbing each way 

Shop arbing, known as sharbing is an easy go-to to stay under the radar, right? Yes, to a certain extent. If you keep going into the same shop doing bad each way arbitrage bets then you will inevtiably become limited. 

 Even on course rails bookmakers do not accept bad each way bets. Don’t believe me, then try. They’ll accept your bet, yes, but they offer you each way terms of a seventh or an eight, as they’re not stupid and they set the rules. 

Bad each way sharbing using betting terminals 

This has worked best for me. There is no person at the counter and they cannot set the terminal to stop you betting, well, until they get face recogntion on them anyway! 

Terminals like these below can be used. They differ from shop-to-shop, so beware. Some shops do not offer the same odds as they do online, so please be mindful of that. 

Even when wearing a covid mask and sunglasses, the person behind the counter may be instructed to challenge your bets. I had it before, thsi timelined part of this sharbing video expalins where they only offered me SP on bets. When offered “SP” means you cannot take a price, and therefore the bet is useless. 

The reason the bookmkaers react like this is they dislike us havingthis edge over them. TRhey have been trying for years to find a solution to this, which they renain defenceless to. their only defence is by either: 

  • Gubbing your accounts 
  • Offering SP only 
  • Offering a seventh or eight of the place odds 

Please don’t forget to subscirbe to our YouTube channel to keep updated of betting opportunities like these and also keep updated on our emails and keep in the loop of the latest news. 

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