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Best sports for Each Way Extra Places offer

Matched betting using the each way extra places offer available
Weekends are the best time for EACH WAY EXTRA place offers!

Each way extra places can be very lucrative, but also time consuming if you’re not used to doing them. In this article we’ll look at the best sports for extra places. Including some obscure ones, such as one of my old favourites greyhound racing!  

Each way extra places greyhounds are great value in my opinion, as there is [of course] only 6 runners, meaning with the extra place you have exactly half the runners of that race in your favour! Each way extra places greyhounds are covered further down this page.  

The trick of the trade, like most things I guess, is practice makes perfect. Things will get easier after practice. But first things first, what sporting events are best for each way extra places. We have written articles in the past regarding Each Way profiting  

HORSE RACING – horse racing each way extra places offer ?  

No surprises here – horse racing has probably got to be the most prevalent sporting event that contain each way extra place offers. Horse markets no doubt topped the number of each way extra place offers 2021 has to offer, but horses are not the only sport.   

This article will feed you the other sports, as well as some less well-known sports, too.  

Online each extra place offers today do not have to be limited to online.  

No, you can find:  

Betfred extra places today  Paddy power extra places today  William Hill extra places today   

Shop betting for each way extra places offers for matched betting 

… You get the picture, yes, you can find these daily each way extra place offers in the betting shops!  

? If you have not seen our sharbing article or sharbing video of how to do this, please take a look.  

In a nutshell, whatever you find online you can do in the shops too! We think Paddy power extra places today are probably our favourite for this followed by Betfred for Betfred extra places today. William Hill extra places also are great. We’re more than aware the amount of William Hill shops available for each way extra places today have reduced dramatically in their high street shop cull closures but we also like William Hills for this.  

How many places offered in each way extra places offer ?  

It is not uncommon to find each way extra place offers from bookmakers consisting of places up to 7 or 8. True, in a big field, such as the recent horse race [the Cambridgeshire] which consisted of 35 or so runners, the offer value is not as great as it first looks. However, you can find these races of 7 or 8 places in fields [the amount runners] as low as 16 sometimes. William Hill extra places races are usually best for this. Skybet extra place races are also ones to look for. Most Saturdays Skybet will have a good each way extra place race as well as William hill extra places, that are always greatly enhanced each and every Saturday.  

Having said that, Each way extra places can be found several times each and every day. It’s just a case of weeding-out the best value ones and then of course finding a close match.  

  • Timing is everything (this will be covered in another each way extra places post)  

Bet365 extra places today – bet 365 each way extra places offer   

Bet 365 extra places are also very valuable. While bet 365 extra places offers are not as prevalent as the companies listed above, the bet 365 each way extra places terms are usually very good. For example, Bet365 offer a lot of Bet 365 each way extra places that include a quarter of the odds. However, many times they provide two options to bet on, with different prices available on their sportsbook. A quarter of odds and fifth of odds. Bettors also are a little shy of hammering bet 365 extra places to try preserve their betting accounts. Is all of this in vain? As some bettors are genuine and still do bet 365 each way extra places.  

Each Way extra place arbing is also an option, but it is considered foolish to perform arbitrage on bet 365 accounts.   

We will cover this topic at a later date. See my five most common ways to do arbitrage betting article.  

The Bet 365 Grand National each way offer for matched betting 

The bet 365 each way grand national offer has been going for at least ten years from what I can remember. This is a great value bet and is usually:  

  • Place £125 of each way bets (£250 total)  Get £125 free.  

Even a complete idiot, completely intoxicated would go far to not be able to profit from this offer.  

This offer above happens annually in the first week of April by the way. April 9, 2022, is the next event, at time of writing this article.  

Some people say that Bet 365 matched bettors are better to stick to either horses [for bet 365 extra places or other offers], or football [for 2ups and such offers as the 50 in play].  

However, the argument to that, again, is that there are genuine bettors out there that actually bet on both. It is true that bet365 are profiling more of these accounts, most likely form a third-party company. But no ones knows, apart from the company, how these accounts are scrutinised and also what metrics are used to come to a conclusion before the account is manually reviewed and then resisted.  

GOLF – golf markets for each way extra places ⛳ 

matched betting 

No surprises here, Golf is another great one for extra places.  

Betting shops for extra place offers are great and will not impact the longevity of your online account!  

  • If you’re restricted or want to preserve your accounts.  

The bigger the event the better, usually. For example, the US Masters is probably the most high-profile event in the annual golfing calendar.   

Hit the shops for:  

  • Betfred Golf extra places today  Paddy power Golf extra places today  William Hill Golf extra places today  

Profit accumulator each way extra place catcher – each way matched betting tool 

The Profit accumulator extra place catcher can also do the hard work for you.  

Dutching extra places is can also be an option. Look out for our future Dutching article.  

Dutching is a method where you back all outcomes in an event and dutching each way extra places does not require you to place any lay bets.   

Dutching each way extra places  

By dutching these each way extra place offers, you can receive winnings from more horses which finish in the place positions. As you are covering the entire field, you are guaranteed to hit every place available. Of course, the more places which are available, the more winnings you will receive.  

By using a dutching spreadsheet or the Each Way Dutching tool on sites like Profit accumulator, things will become far easier, allowing you more time to place your profitable bets!  

 Profit Accumulator provide all the software you need to advance with Each Way extra places betting. The dutching tool can be found among their 20 or so advanced calculators and the Each way extra places catcher is a godSend! 

Other EACH WAY EXTRA PLACES for matched betting tips – tips for each way extra place betting on sports  

  • Set alerts for extra places today. Either by using the Profit accumulator extra place catcher, or by bookmarking a website that provides a daily updated feed.  
  • Extra place spreadsheet  
  • Keep things documented on an Extra place spreadsheet. This way you can review old bets and see where you go wrong.  
  • Profit accumulator extra place catcher  
  • The Profit accumulator extra place catcher saves all the hard work of above.   

Please view our free trial link here.  

Basically, when you’re a Profit accumulator member, you gain access to the Profit accumulator extra place catcher and ALSO the Profit accumulator Extra place calculator  

This cuts out all the hard work and grind, additionally, you can and will of course report and view the profit accumulator forum where you can see other members’ previous finds and chat about the Profit accumulator extra place catcher and the Profit accumulator Extra place calculator.  

You don’t need this tools of course, you can do it manually, like I usually do. But I only do this because I  had to do it this way years ago and got stuck in my ways! Nowadays, if I were a newbie I would not chose this hard option!  

Each way extra places Greyhounds  

Each way extra places on greyhound racing is one of our favourite each way extra place offers.  

Why are each way extra place greyhounds so liked by us?  

Well, it doesn’t take a mathematician to realise that when receiving an extra place in greyhound, you did then in fact have half of the field [runner in race] in your favour.  

For the benefit of those who do not follow greyhounds:  

  • Greyhound races consist of 6 runners  Therefore, 2 places are the standard  

However, of course, with an extra place in greyhounds extra place offers you are then given a third place.  

Years ago in UK, there used to be 8-dog races. It wasn’t too long ago but they disappeared sometime in the past decade. 8 dog races still do occur in Australia and other overseas countries.  

What is the Best bookmaker for each way extra places Greyhounds ?  

Skybet are our favourite bookmaker for Greyhound each way extra places. They offer these very regularly. We have even found Greyhound arbitrage opportunities that can be included with these Greyhound extra place offers.  

However, we would advise [nowadays] not risking such a cherished account, such as Skybet on risky activities like this. Do the odd greyhound extra place, sure, but don’t over-do it.  

Coral/Ladbrokes and William Hill are also good for Greyhound markets and randomly give good offers ad of course these can be done in the shop, but you will find the most Greyhound each way extra places in Skybet, by far.  

Each way Extra Places Football ⚽  

It’s rarer to find each way extra paces on football betting markets that extra places could be applied to. Having said that, we have seen it appear on first goal scorer betting markets before. When betting on a first goal scorer in a live match you can bet each-way and that’s usually extended to the first three scorers. We have previously seen some bookies running extra places, pushing the number of each way places out to four or even five.  

Random other sports/markets – other sports for each way extra places betting  

Each way extra places randomly pop-up on different markets. Anything that can be backed each way, can of course have an extra place popped o it. Always keep an eye out for this and become your own type of Each Way Sniper.  

Summary – notepad for each way extra place profiting  in matched betting 

  • Always look out for Each way extra place offers UK  
  • Set up the Profit accumulator extra place catcher  
  • Look for:  
  • Betfred extra places today  
  • Paddy power extra places today  
  • William Hill extra places today (In shop or online)  
  • Use the Extra place calculator  
  • My website has a free extra place calculator, and a free Non Runner % [rule 4] calculator.  
  • Extra place spreadsheet – form your own, get organised!  

Happy extra Placing guys!  

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